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Let's take keep a specific watch in mind as we assess the best ways to verify its authenticity. The Breitling Bentley 6.75 is one of the most often replicated watches on the market. It is an enormous watch, breitling bentley weighing almost a pound, and 49mm in diameter- a lot of fakes will have a heavy head, but the 'stainless steel' bands will feel light in comparison. The real watch is heavy all over.

The main thing to look for in a replica Breitling Bentley (Breitling Bentley 6.75 A4436212.G573.970A) is the logo- most replicas will have the logo simply printed on the face, whereas the real thing has it embossed into the dial. The applied wings logo is too thin on the fakes, fragile-looking, with too much white space. Also, cheap fakes tend to have at least a little bit of smearing on the logo or writing on the face of the watch. This is pretty easy to spot if you have a magnifying glass. Checking the logo is the easiest and breitling navitimer most effective way to catch counterfeits.

Don't forget to check the back engravings for misspellings- all the writing is in Swiss-French and may be hard for you to verify, but you can find pictures online and check letter for letter.

On the back side of the links in the band, there should be a clear manufacturer's marking, and the strap should have the model number. If the watch lacks these marks, it's definitely fake. Also, the steel used in the fakes, for obvious cost-cutting reasons, is usually cheaper-looking than the steel used for real Breitlings. Plus, the nine o'clock subdial in fakes shows the days of the week instead of the date, and the font is often wrong when compared to the real thing.

Keep a look out for raised subdials- they're supposed to be flat and flush with the face, not raised or domed. Also, another great test is to hold the watch head and try to move the bracelet strap from side to side- a fake Breitling will move, the real thing will hold firm. And keep your eye on the strap itself- the screws and patterns should be well-made and smooth, and the joints should be flush, not raised or rounded.

A final test is the bezel- the circlet around the face of the watch that rotates. On the Breitling Bentley, it is, again, very sturdy and difficult to move. If the bezel spins effortlessly, you're holding a fake Bentley 6.75. Overall, just keep in mind what a precise, large, masculine watch the Breitling Bentley 6.75 really is, and don't be deceived into buying something that is messy or too delicate.

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